Memorize Chapter 86

Chapter 1/5

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86    瀉千里  ( 4 )


We would have probably entered the Ruins Of the Institute from the entrance. However, when we look around, it is hard to tell whether where were standing in front of the forest or the front of the institute.

It was a building that didn’t damage much of the forest nature, it wasn’t pushed much into the forest for the purpose of establishing the institute. So the ruins of the institute felt like a natural fortress.

A tightly closed iron gate could be seen forward. The party walked towards the iron door with stiff faces.

At first glance, the iron gate seemed to be heavy and I pushed it with my hand, a large number of rust pieces fell from the door. In addition, moonlight fell around us. I left it open, just enough for one person to enter, and I stepped inside.

And. The ones who followed me to the inside of the gate, stopped breathing at the sight of the institute.

“Light magic….. is still maintained?”

“It isn’t perfect. And it seems like it is almost till the end of it. Mr. Su-Hyun.”

In the explanation from Jung Ha Yeon, I looked up at the front gate again. White, wide corridors which remind one of the hospital corridors. And light stones which still have faint light in them. but as the time passed, the whole building was severely worn out as it couldn’t handle. The kids were so shocked that they hovered near it, further reducing the distance between them.

It was then.

“Hk…….. Hk……”

A small voice that I suddenly heard. It sounded like it came from far away, but I was clear that it was a voice from someone. The party was quiet and the hallway was still. The faces of everyone hardened as they heard it.

“Oppa. Is it like the last……”

I shook my head at the uneasy voice from Yoo-Jung. It wasn’t Ramik. Seeking forward in this direction, it was clear that it was in the form of a human. However, there was a subtle sign of heterogeneity.

I was worried for a while and decided to move forward. I couldn’t stand here and I can see clearly if I go near. I felt the touch of someone holding my collar from the back, so I started to step back.

“hk…. Hk….. is it?”

The corridor was endlessly connected. It was literally a long corridor and an old rusty wall surrounding the corridor. As time went ahead, the weak voice could be heard much more clearly.

“Hk…….hk….. are you here?”

Hk. Here. I was able to understand that word a little when I narrowed the distance to some extent. A vigorous voice and the words came. However, the tone of the voice wasn’t welcoming, rather it was an obvious enemy.

A little more. A little more.

Even though they didn’t speak out, the whole party was nervous. I knew it because, they already took out their weapons and were guarding their front.

This was psychological fear. The psychological fear that stimulates the spirit of a person and not the physical fear that threatens his life in front of him. This was the same situation as someone who was watching a horror movie when they were on earth, they get into fear by not knowing.

Of course, I was expecting. In the 1st one, the experience of falling to the hell and fighting with the grotesque monster and ghosts seemed charming. The hell is really……. as I remembered the memories of that time, I crunched my face. And the uneasiness of the kids increased as they saw me. Although it seemed to be a misunderstanding, nevertheless I was trying to reduce the distance from the epicenter where I could clearly the voice.

Yet. We were finally able to see the shape of the voice, just vaguely. There was still a little distance left, but in front there was human spirit sitting on the ground emitting light. At the same time a hand touched me from behind.


“Don’t…… go……”

“An Sol. Calm down.”

An Hyun felt weird when An Sol was constantly asking not to go, but An Sol’s shaking didn’t stop. No, rather, it was getting much worse. It wasn’t a whimper. If left alone, it could pass for seizures. I hurriedly put my hand on top of Sol’s head. And magic came.


Magic penetrated inside, I felt the power of Sol who was frozen. A little by little An Sol was turning warm. An Sol was constantly reacting to my movements.

I was a little relieved at that time. I haven’t been able to get rid of the arm holding onto me. For a while her magic was flowing, and she opened her mouth with a stuttering voice.

“Very great evil….. so….. that blind side…….”

All the kids who heard Sol’s words frowned. Her words didn’t make any sense to me. Sol wanted to speak something again, but she couldn’t find the right words to express it. However, Jung Ha Yeon was an exception.

“I’m feeling the same thing. Wizards and priests are originally sensitive to souls and spirits. There is tremendous resentment coming from that human spirit, which looks dim in our eyes. Honestly, it feels like I’m about to get hurt.”

As Jung Ha Yeon’s explanation continued, Sol nodded her head quickly. Shin Sang Yong also did the same. An Hyun had a distant face, but he was hesitant to know whether he was supposed to be feeling worried or not. Looking at them, I spoke out in a loud voice.

“Yeah look there, it is a monster of the Hall Plane. There is nothing we can do but move on. Don’t be scared. Let’s just get closer.”


“O, Oppa.”

Yoo-Jung and Sol looked at me with pleading eyes. However, they read my decisive face and took out their weapon. After she let my arm go, I began to move forward. As the distance between us decreased, the voices and the clarity that was heard for the first time became clearer.

It was like a human being. All white but old, glowing gown. Then came the long hair, and was lying with her back upwards. In other words, we were in a situation of seeing the back of the head.

And when I approached to a certain extent, the sobbing that was ringing around the place broke like a lie. At the same time, a cool air fell between us and the human spirit.

The party stared at her back, and stopped their breath.

“Are you related to this institute?”


There was no answer. I laid a strong grip onto my sword and looked at the party. At the same time, the low voice of fluorescence came into my ears from the surrounding.

“How…… are you here?”

An annoyed voice before entering the battle. We were forced to stop. In the back, someone swallowed their saliva. I looked and answered with a gentle voice.

“I came across this by chance. Anyway, If you can talk. Please answer the questions from us. Who are you?”

“How…… are you here?”

“Once again, we will think of you as an obvious enemy and act accordingly. This is your last chance. How are you related to this institute?”

In my declaration the human spirit did not answer. A moment of silence passed. And the silence was bitter and uncomfortable. And….

“This place.”

“Bhadak!” with that sound the human spirits voice was heard.


“Bhadak!” is the bone twisted? The neck of the human spirit was broken.

“did you come?”

Finally came the sound “woodukk!”. The human spirit’s neck was completely twisted. The body was sitting in front of you, but it only moved a 180 degrees. And we could see the face of the human spirit.

The nose and eyes were shrink to the inside, a mouth with its teeth were all loose. It was despicable to even call it as a ghost. The face of it couldn’t be hidden as worms were flowing out.


In that scene, Sol didn’t was screaming. From behind I could see that Yoo-Jung shut her mouth. Also, the breathing of the members of the party was rough. Everyone was surprised. She enjoyed our response, the human spirit, slowly held its head and soon opened its mouth once more with a gentle voice.

“Hehehe! How did you get here? Hehehe! Hahaha!”

“Mr. Su-Hyun.”

Some people in the party panicked as they saw that human spirit smile and called out to me. They couldn’t get over their psychological fear. Then the cry from Jung Ha Yeon was heard, the light from the light stone started to fade, and it was getting much worse.

The darkness, it is literally dark. And the light stones in the middle of the corridor with the human spirit was blinking. The movement of the human spirit matched with the flashing lights in the corridor. The light stones blink every time, the limbs were either raised or if moved back and forth. It was as if the pictures were being taken, like a flash in camera. It was a feeling like watching a slideshow.

Then soon I saw the big teeth in the front, so I spread out my right hand with sword. I saw something sharp, and it looked like a humans teeth or an animal’s teeth. But I soon grabbed it out and held it into my hand.

“Keuk! Keahhhhh!”


At the end, the feeling of something being ripped of was delivered to me, and at the same time Jung Ha Yeon’s light magic came to life. I sighed as I gazed at the clear vision. When I looked back I saw that all of the kids were taking their positions.

“This one. Was he a betrayer?”

Because of the eerie atmosphere around us we heard nothing but the sound of a reaction.

“Oh, oh! No, I’m sure he’s a ghost……”

An Hyun turned his head and looked at my hand and then gazed into my eyes. I laughed once and dropped it onto the floor. The human spirit took the teeth and held it like an infant would.

I watched as the people of the party were looking at me with blunt eyes. I shrugged my shoulders and squatted down. The human spirit was struggling with pain and wriggling. And the theme of this monster is that it tries to attract. It was supposed to be like this.

I had got a chance to look at him after I wiped his face with my hands as it was smeared red with blood, it was a bit grim, but it was much better than the hell guys.


I heard the sound of the wind, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was only one piece of information about this one. I pulled up the long hair. Looking at the face of this monster that had no power, I had a soft smile.


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