Memorize Chapter 87

Chapter 2/5

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87      Institute of Ruins.


As I grabbed it’s hair and lifted it up, it’s glance, no it glared at me. It was trying to scare me. I didn’t like the sight of it, I wanted to blow this one up, but there were things that were needed to be done first.

As I don’t know anything much about the Institute of Ruins and its laboratory, I needed to pick up the information that I could from this one. I immediately saw the thing in my hand and activated the 3rd eye.

[ The monster in front of you can be classified as dead(亡者). But unlike the ordinary dead, these have bodies and emotions. By the time the ancient Hall Plane flourished, the inhabitants of the Oman thought of an experiment. That is, they started from the idea that they would play the role of the god and make a new human being….]

Then, I have read the information that has come up and I held the hair of the creature. Full. I looked up at the head of the man whose body was touching the floor and slowly lifted his foot.



At my call, Vivian replied in a calm tone. Among the party, only Vivian was the one who kept her composure from the entrance. She had experienced her own life turning, so this job was nothing much of a surprise.

“Do you remember anything about this institute? I would like to know anything. Even the smallest details.”


With a concerned face Vivian saw the one in my hand and then she opened her mouth to speak.

“I don’t remember that well. But people have been experimenting with some things?”


At my single word question, she nodded her head. All of the people in there were concentrating on her words. The deceased who had overpowered them at the entrance, was pushed to the back of their mind.

“Hmm. In the past, there was a time when alchemy, as well as magic engineering, had been somewhat more prevalent than now. At that time, I think that they have established a research institute to create new kind of human being.”


“Don’t know. It was closed down because, I don’t know, the project seemed to be buried. I don’t remember it that well. Probably, the person whom we see now was probably one of the person who was sacrificed at that time.”

“Is that so.”

Vivian finished her words very neatly. I took the foot that I lifted, the sound of skull popping could be heard, and the corridor was bloody instantly. I looked at him and bend my head.

The kids had a weird kind of expression. However, Jung ha Yeon and Shin Sang Yong looked at me first like they thought that I was stupid. I always behaved in a calm and quiet manner in such situations so acting this boldly was more of a surprise for them. I didn’t care about their reaction, and this time I turned towards Sol.

“An Sol.”


Sol responded with a lousy voice. So I frowned and lifted my head. I knew that I was different from my usual self, but that was because I have been in this kind of field and have experience.

“The sacred spells you practiced for a while.”

“Bondage, protection and cure……. Oh.”

The voice of Sol who was talking was getting faded. If the Holy Striking order can be used, it could be of a nice one. I saw that turned once again. Sol still had something that she wanted to say and opened her mouth, but I couldn’t afford to give her the chance.

“Once more, we will go inside. Please prepare for a trap or surprise. The primary goal is to secure base and then explore the buildings based on the current pathway. And Jung Ha Yeon?”


“Is it possible to keep the light spell on continuously?”

“It is possible. However, I can’t double cast while doing this.”

Double casting (疾速)  is important. As a wizard, this is the thing that is most needed to be learnt. However, there was only one. I shook my head and moved in the direction in front of me.


“Come! Queritatus! The Ruler of the 14th legion of the screams of dead!”

“____ Cone of Aqua!”

The sound of screaming came rising up from a hole. This was Vivian’s first chimera call. At the same time, it seemed that the blood of the human spirit rose and went into a formed a cone shape of black. This cone was of Jung Ha Yeon casting.

The mysterious mages were shooting magic from my behind, and the others were disgusted. My defense was so dense that it covered all the members for the party. I immediately raised my voice.

“An Hyun. The dead are coming into this direction. An Sol, Shin Sang Yong. Prepare the circle.”

“Huh. Another? Huuh! What the hell are these guys?”

“Okay. Leader. ______”

As soon as I heard the shout of An Hyun wielding the lance like a crazy person and the calm answer from Shin Sang Yong, I immediately moved the sword to the side. A feel as if a solid muscle was cut through a blade, could be felt. It seemed like when I turned my head at that moment and it was surprised.


I was successful in piercing its shoulders. But he was persistent. Over half of them were buried with my sword, but the dead were continuously flocking towards me. Somehow, it looked like I had to crush their heads to kill them like the Deadman in Rite of Passage.

However, it was impossible for the kids to aim at the heads. These ones were slower than the Deadman, but the heads of these was not easy to hit. It demanded very high concentration to aim for the head, with many flocking and especially the was they moved was very troublesome.

The place where An Hyun and Yoo-Jung took was completely filled with them, but yet they stood still. This was because of the support Jung Ha Yeon, Shin Sang Yong, An Sol and Vivian those two could manage it. And, the greatest amount of things, we were dealing with a large number of dead men and doing this alone could be tough.

The swords were dancing. Each sword had the highest degree of unification, and each one contained an unusual intention. I just defended myself with the things in my hands from those who were attacking me. Before long, the hand produced the result beating the face of the dead men. I was marveled as I saw those two.

Each time a sword was wielded, two to three dead men lay on the floor, but the rest of them continued to push in. I already put down 30 of them by myself, and I was getting a bit annoyed as the number of them didn’t go down at all. We battled with 100 land moles the other day and now we were fighting against these ones in the first floor of the research institute.

“_______ Shackles!”

I heard the sound of An Sol’s order, I heard something crash on the left side. I turned my head as I wanted to see what kind of situation it was like, but first I put the sword into the throat of the deadman whose mouth was open wide and was pushing his teeth towards me.

“Heeing! Huuuhhhh!”

I could hear the groans of Yoo-Jung. I was thinking what it could be, but whenever she made such groans, it meant that she was performing satisfactorily and was reaching my expectations. Yoo-Jung was much better in these situations compared to An Hyun. She always rewarded my expectations, I also accelerated the speed of my sword and accompanied her rythme of the sword.

Shik. Shik. Shik. Shik.

Thung! Thung! Thung! Thung!

That was also for while. I was swinging my sword with a bored face. In that way, the neck of the dead falls from the air, and onto the ground. It was unavoidable. Now I have a very high level of swordsmanship and ability, so I could cut off anything.

In the second half of the day in the floor, I tried to live up to the moment. Even the little nervousness I previously had vanished, and I struggled with boredom. The battle that we are experiencing now is just a child’s play.

I don’t have to hide my skills anymore because I’m going to apply for the position as a formal clan right after the completion of this expedition. The fact that a 0 years were able to find two dungeons in less than two months will garner well worthy attention.

Immediately after the application, I will leave the city for the final exploration. I except the clan to get approved while I go to the Cave of Scream. It didn’t matter if the approval won’t be finalized until then. These was little possibility before it, and if the Cave of Screams is added to the performance, the clan will be 100% approved.

It is literally stupid as well as foolish to hide my abilities this time. Whatever it is this time. Rather than hiding it, by revealing my skill, I know that a lot of talented people will feel curious about the clan.


While I was thinking all this, I felt the sword slashing through the air. When I saw the head, I saw the dead people who were running constantly towards us started to go backwards. These ones were emotional beings. It wasn’t a problem that they were afraid, but suddenly…….?

That was when I said it. I was bored, I wasn’t paying attention to my fencing and was thinking about the future plans. Originally, I didn’t reveal the swordsmanship that I had learned, I was postponing the fight by controlling my ability. But while was lost in my thoughts, my original fencing methods came to my body automatically.

So the body of the dead were piled up before me. The clean traces, without unevenness. I was thinking that this shouldn’t have happened and tilted my head, but fortunately my worries were not needed.

“Hua. Thanks to Vivian, I lived.”


Yoo-jung and An Sol watched the still corridor wiping their cold sweat off. I saw them and our sights met, we moved our heads to the same direction. It was a fatal cry of the ruler of the 14th legion that was summoned by Vivian. It was the ruler of the 10th legion, it was a good thing to have her in the party.

Perhaps the people thought that the dead were terrified at the fatalities of the ruler of the legion, but most of the eyes were on me. it was all thanks to the good timing of Vivian, I also felt relieved and took a sigh of relief.

“Euk. Euk ah. So, Sol-ah. Cure me in this gap.”

“Cure? Take the potion first.”

As there was little difficulty in the match, An Hyun grabbed his ankle with a rough breath. Sol quickly handed the potion and began to recite the order.

The battle went into a pause for the moment. Although Jung Ha Yeon looked like she was okay for now, yet she seemed a little tired because she had to use a lot of energy for her magic spells. And of course, the Cone of Aqua took out the dead in a great deal but it had its toll on her.

I didn’t see much of Shin Sang Yong’s fighting, but he followed Yoo-Jung around because he was aware that we couldn’t let her get hurt. What would have been the situation if these people weren’t with us to look after the kids.. I laughed a little at my thoughts.

And Vivian saw me, while I was in my thoughts and opened her mouth.

“Su-Hyun. Su-Hyun.”


“How was it?”

She raised her finger into the air. She is also a powerful human who could wipe out the dead. When I left the city on the first day, I gave her a speech in advance. Told her to be careful and not go out of the way, and to help the kids in building up some skills. And that it could be hard to make judgments, so I told her to exercise with her ability to do it.

And this time it seemed like her judgment was different from mine. I thought that a little more work needed to be done…….. but she had to send him back as soon as the work was done, so I nodded my head in her approval. At my reply, Vivian’s face became bright. Perhaps she could help us for a long term.

Before long, she commanded her pet, and her pet floated.

“What are you doing? Queritatus. Sweep them all away. Don’t leave any of it.”

As Vivian commanded, Queritatus spoke by creaming and moving its body. Soon, I watched Queritatus create fog around me, interesting. I was interested, much more than the battles in the first round. If she could grow well, and two chimera alchemist form a pair, then a powerful summon could be summoned.

While I was having these thoughts, mysterious screams spread all over the hall. Now the kids didn’t mind the horrendous sights in front of them, they adjusted to it. An Hyun who was hostile at first, showed support for Vivian’s pet.

And it took not less than two minutes for Queritatus to finish off all the remaining ones.


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