91.   Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome

“… I don’t know why, but all these seem like old things.”


I heard disappointed voices from An Hyun and Yoo-Jung. However, I was just picking up the weapons one after the other after activating the third eye. The weapons that disappeared for long period of time were rusty and did not serve for my purpose. And it was also true that the kids’ weapons seemed to have relatively small amount of capacity when compared to these.

However, among these things, there are a few things that possess powerful magical powers and have retained their shape after all these years. The kids were picking up to see the things and were throwing the other things away.

“Oppa ya. What is this?”

When I heard the sound of Sol’s voice, I turned my head like a lightning bolt. I was feeling lucky because I picked An Sol who had 100 points as her luck, and it made all the difference. Everyone turned their eyes in the direction Sol, at the same time. When she gathered the attention of everyone, Sol went back with a shy face.



The item that Sol had was a bracelet. It had a lot of rust, but because I had a lot of curiosity I immediately accepted it. I took the bracelet for a while and looked around.

“Miss Ha Yeon. Are you able to use the order ‘Restore’?”

“Restoring magic? Of course. By the way, it can literally be able to restore the appearance and internal functions, but I have no confidence in its durability or any other things.”

“That’s what the blacksmith do. That will be enough.”

“Then, give it here.”

Soon, when I handed the bracelet to Jung Ha Yeon, the eyes of the kids shone. An Hyun couldn’t control himself and asked.

“Hyung. What is that bracelet for?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll see it once the restoration magic is done on it.”

Of course, the 3rd eye showed me more than what my eyes could see. And I already had the heart to give it to An Hyun. I asked for the restoration magic, and I felt that it needed to be perfect first.

Jung Ha Yeon took the bracelet and then just stood still. Then, with her slender finger she touched the centre of the bracelet, I could see that the entire bracelet was covered in the bright light. Soon, after all the light disappeared, the surface of the bracelet that was previously rusty, revealed itself. The bracelets original shape was restored and showed the sign of mild moonlight. And as Jung Ha Yeon confirmed its completion she turned around.

“This is, by no way…..”

“Ha ha, Sol you did it.”

The kids all had curious faces. Jung Ha Yeon looked around the bracelet for a moment and then gave it back it me with an expression of envy.

“Congratulation. Mana utilization is much higher than normal steel. My guess is that…. maybe it contains small amount mithril. In other words, you can use it to pursue magic as the owner wishes to.”

“Mithril? Unnie is that a good thing?”

Jung Ha Yeon nodded her head as Yoo-Jung asked that question.

“Then. Mithril is a rarely found mineral. Lighter than the steel, as well as harder than any other material. Well…… Mana utilization rate is very high. ”


“…. It’s worth considering that.”

I put my finger in the ring and then turned the bracelet round and round. Precisely, this bracelet contained 5.7 % of Mithril. There was nothing to improve the players ability, but the mana utilization rate increases just by equipping it. We can see that it has higher efficiency than what were installed now. I handed the bracelet to An Hyun, who just spit something.

“Come on.”

“Huh, hu? No. Hyung it is yours, more than being mine…..”

“Is it so? Then lets do it that way.”

In the rejection of An Hyun, I took the bracelet back very coolly. The face of An Hyun changed, and his eyes endlessly continued to follow the bracelet that was in my hand. I laughed at it and gave him the bracelet again.

“Joking. Anyway, If this doesn’t satisfy you, because it sounds like it. Then maybe I can give it to Yoo-Jung?”

In the end, An Hyun took the bracelet. At this came the envious eyes of the party members, he was adjusting the bracelet so that it would fit his hand perfectly. Wow. There was also an automatic adjustment function.

“………how’s it?”


An Hyun tilted his head to said, for a moment and then tapped his bracelet with his fingers.

“I don’t know yet…. I think my body is getting lively. And the mana flow speed is seems to be even faster.”

That was enough. And he stopped talking and continued to touch his bracelet at it felt different to him. We all left him and decided to search again. Thanks to An Sol, the other ones started to search with even more dedication. Even Sol, was looking all over the place for goods.

In the beginning, the kids were throwing the things to another direction, but this time it was contrary to that, they brought me the things one by one. But the luck was low, or we didn’t have good eye, as everything that the kids brought were just scraps of metal.

Nevertheless, at my replies the kids were annoyed and the children turned quite slowly. I thought that I would collect everything and then check them later.

Anyway, the expedition that we came on this time, I had a lot of time to prepare the equipment for the kids so I didn’t see anything that was useful. The chest protector, deck and the shield seemed to better than what the kids were now equipped with.

I thought it would take a little time. I decided to take a break. I turned around once more, and confirmed that there was no one and then called out a new name. Shin Sang Yong continuously refused my offer, as kept of asking him to come, I saw that he came in running. He didn’t say it, but he also wanted to participate. So we picked out the items that we needed for 30 minutes.

“Phew.. This one could be roughly.”

“Unnie. Quickly quickly.”

“Yes. Just wait a moment.”

After a while, we threw away all the scrap to one side and sat down with all the decent things that we could gather in the centre. Jung Ha Yeon, was restoring one piece of item at one time. As her restoration went on, I first counted the gold coins and the jewelry.

Once the money was displayed, I saw a bunch of 32 gold, and then of 10 gold, and 58 gold around there. The total number of gold coins were 378. There were a total of 8 jewels and all of them were ruby. We could get at least 100 for each piece. That was good sum.

I needed a lot of money to apply for the position of a formal coin, but I tempted myself to think that I could use the pouch given by Vivian. All the kids looked at the gold coins and jewels with blank eyes. It was a good compensation for all the suffering they went to in the meantime, all at once.

When I turned my head. I saw that Jung Ha Yeon was breathing heavily. She looked at the items with tired eye at the items that she restored with her restoration magic. There was a dagger, a cloak, and two rings infront of her. Four in total. If the item of An Hyun was included, the bracelet, then it would be 5 pieces. I quickly activated the 3rd eye, and at the same time Jung Ha Yeon opened her mouth.

“I don’t know what to say, but I’d like to congratulate you all once. Firstly, the dagger has only one character, and it seems like it can increase the attack speed of the wearer….. Well….. however, it isn’t suitable for the battle purposes. It is more of a decorative object in a way.”

She lifted the dagger up ( a sharp, pointed dagger with the sharpest blade.). It was similar to that of a dagger, but it didn’t seem to be suitable for the combat purpose. I wonder if assassins use this……

“Unnie. Is it good?”

“If you look at this, this is also valuable. There special weapons aren’t available anywhere in the nation.”


At once Yoo-Jung turned her gaze towards me, I replied to her in a calm voice.



She couldn’t take her eyes off, I barely nodded my head. And Yoo-Jung took the dagger out of my hand like a predator catching its prey. Though the length of the blade was much shorter than the dagger I had prepared for her, she nevertheless took the dagger with a very satisfied face.

Jung Ha Yeon pointed towards the cloak and opened her mouth this time.

“This cloak looks like a plain cloak with a fading light, but this seems to have a spell which had magic resistance. But I don’t know what level this is. Maybe when we go back to the city I will test this.”

“Well. That’s all we need, it is enough.”

I took the cloak from Jung Ha Yeon and I smiled silently. This cloak was a cloak that I knew about. There was a characteristic about the cloak, that it could defend the magic of several types. Maybe it was called as the Block Of Fire.

Anyway, if one calculates the damage, even the power of the damage cause by magic exceeds, this could still reduce the impact damage to 40%. Not only that. Apparently, this looks like a cotton cape, but the physical resistance spell on this entire material is much stronger than that of a regular cloth. The lowest price that this could be sold would be 600 gold, for one to buy. This cloak is…


“Wow. Thanks.”

Jung Ha Yeons eyes wavered when she saw Vivian take the cloak. But she quickly gathered her composure within a few seconds and picked up the two rings, and put them in palm of my hand.

“These two rings are probably the best of all the items that I’ve restored. These are really….”

Jung Ha Yeon looked at the couple of rings and stopped speaking for a while. I smiled at this. I heard the sound of Shin Sang Ying swallowing a gulp beside me. I finally got one ring that I wanted. But, unfortunately, the ring had no effect on me.

Jung Ha Yeon looked at the rings and then looked at me.

“Mr. Su-Hyun. Would you like to take one of this ring? I’m not entirely sure, but this ring could boost the strength. I don’t feel any magic in it, but the strength power is reacting spontaneously to the hands. This is the first time I’ve experienced, though I’ve heard a lot about this.”

I heard the sound of all the people of the party gather towards it. The kids also heard this thing from the player academy, but it was worth checking if the stats could go high with this. I accepted the ring that Jung Ha Yeon gave me. I quickly took a peek. As soon as I checked the player status, I didn’t see any rise in the strength, just as I expected. I just sighed.

The ring definitely raises the stats. But it was players who had the strength below 90, like the nucleus that I took from Vivian. And this had an attribution function. If I had the strength at 89, this would have raised it to 90. After that the magic ability grows and then proceeds to exceed 90, the ring attached to the player will increase the magic ability.

However, this wasn’t for cases like me, which already had magic of 96. I just sighed again and took the ring of my hands. I wasn’t worried that I couldn’t qualify for using this ring.

“Mr. Su-Hyun…..?”

“Sol. Come here.”

I heard the doubt in Jung Ha Yeon’s voice, but I called out Sol in a soft voice. An Sol just looked at me, but looked into me eyes when I called out to here. And with a few steps she came to my side.

“It is better for you to use this.”


Everyone was staring at me with surprised faces. I just shrugged my shoulders at the eyes that were piercing through me.

“Mr. Su-Hyun. I’m not sure. I don’t know if this will go well, please choose well. To give it up like this, other wise…..”

I knew what I was doing. However, I wasn’t going to get into a hassle, as I’ve decided. I shook my head firmly.

“It is alright. It would be better for the class of a player who uses magic ability.”

“…. If this is sold we could get 20, 000 gold right now.”

“We have enough money. It would be better for her to use it. Sol quickly.”


“Wow…. Leader. You’re really an….”

I heard the admired voice of Shin Sang Yong from my side. And Jung Ha Yeon was looking at me with a different expression. Originally, the principles of the caravan chief were the principles of the caravan. And that would be the implicit rule of the caravan members. However, when I gave up the ring and gave it to Sol, it was different. The truth is that it was useless for me, but I could be better to let this misunderstand be taken positively by the others.

“O….. Oppa… I don’t know. It is just that…. oppa….. I can’t take…..”

When she heard the 20,000 gold, Sol was feeling burdensome at the ring. I sighed a little and saw that Sol was holding her hands tightly, so to put the ring in her left hand I took her hand in mine.

“Huh. Give me your finger. Not the little one. This won’t be hard.”

Sol kept trying to pull her hand from mine, but I held onto it tightly. I held onto it strongly. I tried to put the ring on her left hands finger by opening the fist, so slowly Sol’s finger opened..

“Can I put it here?”

Sol didn’t answer me. She just looked into my eyes and then nodded her head once and then twice. As soon as the ring went on the small, white finger, I was able to see that the ring had automatically adjusted to it, just the same way the bracelet happened.

Soon after checking the Player status, Sol’s ability had increased by one point. The atmosphere of the party was shaken. Everyone was envious of her.

“The ring matter is resolved. The left out one….”

I had no idea. However, Sol turned her head away and avoided my gaze, she had a red face that was more red than usually. Did she think that this was similar to the act between the couples and marriage?

It was cute thought, but I didn’t mind it, even if it turned out that way. I didn’t know what would be the outcome for this act, they could be the things that I can’t even dream of.

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